A timely and inspirational book that brings significance to our
life by unfolding the deeper reality of our existence. This book
is for anyone who is seeking to understand themselves and
their lives more fully, and who wishes to develop as much
as possible in their lifetime. There is an enormous amount
of wisdom and understanding here that will inspire you to
embark and keep moving forward on your journey, no matter
where you stand now.

Kevin M., a director at PRIDE Industries

… There have been only two books in my life that I couldn’t
stop reading and this is one of them! …The Invisible Mirror
can really help people understand themselves and why
life experiences happen. By explaining the simple fact
that everything is made from energy … clarifies this everchanging
world and what your part is in it, and how to make
the most of your soul’s journey.

Linda A., marriage & family therapist


A riveting book! I felt alone in my spiritual thoughts and
beliefs, but this book confirmed I am on the right path.
Positive energy, guardian spirits helping us and we keep
coming back until we evolve. Since reading this book, my
energy focus has changed and many positive things have
been happening in my life. I would really encourage you to
read this book!

Trudy G., a recovering alcoholic

I really enjoyed the Invisible Mirror. Each chapter I read kept me wanting to read the next chapter, the chapter after that, and so on. The uniqueness of the author’s writing style makes you want to finish the book in one reading. I was curious to see where I end up in my readings, and before you kow it, you’re done.
Very thoughtful perspectives of our inner souls and where we can find higher inner energies that contribute to personal happiness and growth in life.
I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for that inner personal peace and growth.

—Kurt S.

Kim with Dezni compiled a consciously aware roadmap of what our soul needs and desires to evolve. They explain the truth of how Our soul, mind and body collaborate to fulfill our soul contracts with prime examples. I have researched many years as well and this book resonates with my truth. We are all energy, which never dies. Our main goal is to love unconditionally and experience Heaven on Earth. Your souls knowing is the reason you’re thinking about buying this book. It’s no accident you found this book. It is truly a treasure of wisdom and insight. Whether to confirm or explain the truth that you seek in “this” lifetime. After reading this book, You will live as an invincible mirror!

—Lynette B.

The Invisible Mirror is a tool chest to looking deeper within oneself. Kim and Dezni simplify and unravel the complexities of bringing forth spirit from our individual human experience. A true gift for anyone who yearns to find a more meaningful existence.

—J. N.

Excellent book! For anyone seeking to have a deeper understanding of their individual energy and the role it plays in our lives, thus is the book for you. It’s very easy and practical reading.

—Julie T.

I loved this book. Kim explains life from the standpoint of energy and the soul; the core of our being. So much that has happened in my life lately has been clarified and affirmed by Kim’s powerful, honest insights. I had so many “AHA” moments that were revealed, as well as insights as to how to move through this life with clarity, purpose, and an energy that serves me rather than hinders me. I will be reading it again soon. That’s how powerful, insightful and “energizing” The Invisible Mirror is! It is food for the soul, and I highly recommend it!

—Deanna T.

The Invisible Mirror

The Invisible Mirror