A timely and inspirational book that brings significance to our
life by unfolding the deeper reality of our existence. This book
is for anyone who is seeking to understand themselves and
their lives more fully, and who wishes to develop as much
as possible in their lifetime. There is an enormous amount
of wisdom and understanding here that will inspire you to
embark and keep moving forward on your journey, no matter
where you stand now.

Kevin M., a director at PRIDE Industries

… There have been only two books in my life that I couldn’t
stop reading and this is one of them! …The Invisible Mirror
can really help people understand themselves and why
life experiences happen. By explaining the simple fact
that everything is made from energy … clarifies this everchanging
world and what your part is in it, and how to make
the most of your soul’s journey.

Linda A., marriage & family therapist


A riveting book! I felt alone in my spiritual thoughts and
beliefs, but this book confirmed I am on the right path.
Positive energy, guardian spirits helping us and we keep
coming back until we evolve. Since reading this book, my
energy focus has changed and many positive things have
been happening in my life. I would really encourage you to
read this book!

Trudy G., a recovering alcoholic

The Invisible Mirror

The Invisible Mirror